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Personal Accelerator by Sean O'Keeffe

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The Life you want to be is just one click away

In this Free workshop, we'll build a path to help you  become the man you want to be
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Change your Life by changing the narrative

Time of your life

Getting things off your chest will make you feel better. You'll uncover the strength inside and learn how to use to get what you want.  






Ultimate Advantage

Imagine breaking free of self-limiting beliefs and getting support to become the man you want to be.

Ultimate Relationship

Belief in yourself is one of the most powerful feelings imaginable. You deserve to be the real you.



Life is really about bouncing back. I don't think you have really lived until you feel redemption in a big way. I know what it means to push hard through adversity and into prosperity.


I went from being emotionally exhausted to running businesses, workshops, and a guest appearance on HBOOprah.


In 2011, I broke free from a life of scarcity and broken promises.

I was just in it for the money and focusing on the wrong things. 😔

​I hired a therapist and a trainer and started practicing self care. 🏋🏽‍♂️ Attended group retreats in the United States and across Canada. Spent time in Thai monasteries, immersing myself in meditation. 🙌🏽


​I still felt something was still missing.


​Then I realized I had a coaching skill! 💡 Something I had already mastered for myself.  I worked with social service agencies (Abuse Hurts Canada & Family Services of Peel) and developed programs to support other  people at a crossroad in their life. These groups continue to be amazing.


Earlier this year I had the confidence to start a business to help a wider audience.


​Consider this if you're at a crossroads: Are you in it for the right reason? ✌🏼Look at where your heart is. How do you see yourself? Are you coming from a place of service or self-service? 🤟🏼


🙌🏽And most importantly, never give up!

Being hard on myself seemed to give people permission to do the same, and I lost all sense of my boundaries with people pleasing.

Although my life seemed okay on the surface, I was constantly second guessing myself; feelings of not being good enough seemed inescapable.

how do i live a meaningful & impactful life

In January 2011 I crafted my own narrative and it changed everything; it taught me I had been living apart from my emotions for too long.

For many years I told myself I wasn’t good enough and put the needs of others ahead of my own. I learned to wear masks. I had a mask for being a good employee, a mask for being a loving husband and one for being a loyal friend. Wearing masks gave me permission to give people what I thought they wanted.

I needed to understand what was happening, so I embarked on a journey change. I attended male-centric weekend retreats in Canada and United States. I traveled to Thailand and immersed myself in mediation. The outcome felt like the purest version of myself – having the belief in self was one of the most powerful feelings I’ve ever experienced.

Eventually I grew tired of living someone else’s life. I needed to break free

When the masks finally came off, a fountain of emotions erupted, and I was left not knowing who I was or what I wanted. I didn’t know what a healthy life looked like.

sunrise guy
Man walking in sand dunes
guest house 2013

In January 2014, I was invited to facilitate a weekly men’s support group for Abuse Hurts Canada; it ran for 4 years.  In April 2016, I presented to a panel of judges at Social Justice Tribunals Ontario my efforts to advance the healing of male survivors of childhood trauma. In June 2018 I partnered with Family Services of Peel to re-launch their weekly support program for male survivors of childhood trauma (I continue to run this program virtually).

Then in February 2019, I was invited as a guest on Oprah Winfrey’s HBO special, Leaving Neverland; the encouragement and support I received to continue with male centric peer groups was so overwhelming I knew I had found my calling.    

My passion is creating spaces for men to advance their own conversations on what is means to be a man. SpringBoard is a curated weekly group that respects and honors the achievements of men rewriting their own narrative.

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         During @ 2 FREE 90-minute sessions

  • We'll craft your story of TODAY and chart a path for tomorrow
    • ​You'll be amazed how even the smallest edit to your narrative can have a HUGE impact to your everyday

  • We'll uncover what motivates you​
  • We'll identify your goals

  • We’ll develop a plan to keep you focused


  • Join weekly online group and start your journey 

  • 1 group each week @ 2 hours in duration

  • Each group is curated by trained facilitator

  • Each week there is a central theme

  • Typically 6 -8 men in each group

  • You can miss a group and return another time



  • Stay on track with WEEKLY follow ups!


  • We send you weekly reminders & tips to stay on track

  • Assignments to with extra meat to stay mindful and move you along

  • If you're busy or traveling, follow-up work can keep you focused on track.

  • Excellent way to track your progress

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