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30-Day Challenge



What is one way you cope with stress that is helpful?

Why does change scare you?

You want to be the change you wish to see in the world and sometimes you think you have it all worked out until suddenly nothing is changing and you feel deflated. You maybe start comparing to others wondering if you have what it takes to succeed.

We get it, the life of an entrepreneur doesn't come with an instruction manual however, we created this two years to live challenge to cover the most spoken about challenges people face on a day to day basis.


This powerful interactive 30-Day movement will help you identify and remove any non-serving illusions that have kept you from being happy and living a life true to you.

In addition to LIVE INTERACTIVE ONE-ON-ONE COACHING, watch our expert coaches at work helping you navigate specific issues like fear of betrayal, money shame, self hatred, social anxiety, loneliness, fear of speaking up, resentments towards loved ones, overwhelm & time management issues, anger & grief all while providing hacks and tools  to support you towards feeling confident, peaceful and ready to make your dreams a reality. Imagine a reality where you were able to navigate the highs and lows and still feel worthy, capable and successful.

If you had only 30 days to become that change. Would you go it alone or would you join changemakers who are uncovering limitations and gaining momentum and strength?



Identifying Your Value & Managing Your Focus

In preparation for our first live workshop, you will spend time getting to know yourself a little bit more.

You will learn how values form the foundation of your life, and how to action them on a consistent daily basis. Know your values, know your worth.


This system will show you how to be aligned with your truth and how to change your relationship with overwhelm.


Communication & Self Expression

Ever wanted to speak and felt your chest shaking? Or maybe you did speak and afterwards you replayed it over and over inside your mind.

In this powerful lesson we will learn about the differences between confidence and trust and more importantly, how you can have both.


Improve your communication and connection with your own intuition so that you can take aligned action. This week is all about learning to reclaim your power.

We will show you what is happening and how to create space to observe yourself so that you can express your needs and desires in a healthy manner.


Imagine if you could show up however you wanted to show up!

1. Access our live Zoom class. 

2. Learn how to trust yourself more

3. Start to identify your needs

4. Learn what betrayal really is

5. Begin to speak up for yourself and reclaim your power


Wealth Mindset

The way you relate to money dictates the way money shows up in your life.

Lets highlight some limiting beliefs, disempowering emotions and dive deeper into what wealth truly would allow for us and our families and where you are in relation to it all.


We will navigate our relationship and beliefs about money and begin to rewire our wealth mindset-to one of possibility and creation.


We will show you how to create from an inspired state and not let rejection or obstacles get in your way of success.

We will provide tools and perspectives that when applied, will change your capacity to receive.


Being Confidently


Our first live lesson is focused on setting yourself up for success through establishing daily intentions and habits that align with your values and who you want to be. 

Everyone wants to know how to have courage to not care what people think, to be able to be who they desire to be.


We will coach you through understanding what your triggers are really trying to teach you, and how that understanding will allow you to let go of things that you no longer require.

1. Access our live Zoom class. 

2. Participate in a live visualization.

3. Create habits that empower you

4. Gain a deeper understanding about emotional triggers and what we make things mean


Healing The Past

Do you have bitterness towards the way your parents raised you, an ex who cheated on you or the world for never understanding you?


We will show you tools for releasing the energy that keeps you stuck in the past and coach you through understanding boundaries and how they are different to barriers.


This lesson will support you to access whatever healing is needed and connect into the present moment.

Learn how to catch your thoughts and respond to life rather than react.

Its time to heal your relationships. isn't it?


Getting Results

You know how to do busy and overwhelm and it's time to understand what stops you from being consistent and being the change you wish to see in the world.


Aligned action, vision, purpose and knowing your core message is key to moving through challenges, facing rejections and getting the results you are seeking.


Lets breakdown to breakthrough what it means to truly get results and feel fulfilled right now!

In our last Zoom together we will celebrate, acknowledge and integrate what we have experienced over the past 30 days. 


We will show you how to dive deeper into your true and unique purpose  so that you can find your soul tribe and reach deeper levels of fulfillment.

1. Integrate the learning

2. Commit to our new ways of being

3. Learn about enrollment

4. Create action plans

Have you considered?

What would happen if you looked at your story and wrote it from another person’s point of view?

What if your negative inner critic has been lying to you? What if you really are that good?

How would you view your own story from a different and wider perspective?

What would it be like to break free of self-limiting beliefs and get support to become the person you want to be?

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