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Meet Zimi

When Zimi agreed to move her family to Peterborough, she thought life would be better. Her husbands new job meant she could work less and have more time with the children.    

It's wasn't his complaining at 8am or even lack of intimacy, it was the feeling of abandoning her ambitions that scared her the most. 

At first, volunteering at a nearby foodbank got her out of the house for few hours each week.  6-months later and Zimi is teaching single parents about nutrition. 

What if Zimi could use her passion for helping others to build a business and create something of her own?

This was the first time Zimi ever looked closely at her choices and what  influenced her decisions.  What surprised her the most was the story she was telling herself. The way we narrate our lives, shapes what they become. 

Medals from the 2008 Olympics and a Masters in Nutrition took a backseat to her role as a dutiful wife. That's the story she was telling herself. Yet at the same time, she suspected this might be the source of what's bothering her. 

Now that Zimi was able to view her life from a different and wider perspective,  she was able to break free of self limiting beliefs and tell the people around her what she wanted...and why.   

We created a 90-day plan with monthly goals and weekly themes to get her started. We focused on small wins, incremental  changes, and celebrating victories. 

Zimi now owns a health food store in Peterborough. They hold weekly cooking classes (now on Zoom) and she still volunteers at the foodbank. 

 I am a firm believer that each person is here for a reason. I have watched my dreams come true, seen miracles happen for my family and for my clients.

My life’s work to catalyze that aliveness and brilliance in entrepreneurs.


To ask the most important questions that ignite the soul, so we can create the legacies that we were meant to live.

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