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Young Couple

Meet Anthony and Dina

Anthony and Dina were tired of being spectators in their own decision making, and wanted to be active participants.

Anthony was hesitant to over the family business, the idea of continually being told what to do was getting too much. He felt trapped between his family, the family business and his new life with Dina.

He  would sometimes lay in bed feeling sick to his  stomach with anxiety wishing he knew what to do. 

Constructing a personal & public narrative helped Anthony view his choices and decisions from a different perspective; a respectful and non-blaming form of interpreting why he did what he did.  

A pattern emerged that offered insights why he felt stuck.  Many of his decisions were made to satisfy other people, like his decision of not attending film school.


This was a big turning point for Anthony, Gina too. 

As editor of his own story, he gave himself permission to take over the family  business in a manner that fit into his version of who he wanted to be. 

Instead of trying to change the opinion of others, he understood the freedom that came with changing himself.  

Anthony was able to break free of self-limiting beliefs and gained support to become the person he wanted to be.

Gaining a new perspective and getting support is the fastest way to achieve a happier life.

Learning more about yourself and the origin of what's bothering you will help your relationships.

Just getting things off your chest will make you feel better. Learning you’re not alone in what you’re experiencing is a gateway to feeling better about yourself.

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