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In Love

Making change happen requires a plan.

Stepping out from behind our masks is a gradual process. 

Most guys think they know themselves, but studies prove otherwise; are you tired of living as a lone wolf?

Maybe it's time to be honest with yourself and learn who you really are. Imagine have the support you need to make the changes you want.

Gaining a new perspective and getting support is the fastest way to achieve a happier life.

You will see men interact with each other with a level authenticity and commitment that will inspire you.

Therapists cost $140+ per hour, one hour at a time. SpringBoard group session are 2 hours at a fraction of the price; the most affordable option.

Learning more about yourself and the origin of what's bothering you will help your relationships.

Listening to how other guys are solving problems and hearing questions you are not asking will save you time. 

Group sessions can be accessed from anywhere. Online video call, call in from your car or even while on vacation; your choice.

Just getting things off your chest will make you feel better. Learning you’re not alone in what you’re experiencing is a gateway to feeling better about yourself.

Men learning in the company of other men builds a bond like no other. You deserve to see the real you.

Finding a therapist or life coach you're comfortable with can be exhausting. Walking into a room of other men can be intimidating. Online, you have total control of your participation.

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