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Hey there,

I'm Sean O'Keeffe

Like you, I reached a point in my life where I had more questions then answers:

How has it come to this?

Why do I draw toxicity into my life?

I had therapy, why am I still suffering?

I didn’t sign up to be the spokesperson for survivors of childhood abuse. But now that you're hear, let me share my story with you. 

 Truth is the universe chose me. 

My Goal: use the affects of childhood trauma as jet-fuel to propel myself into the life I want; being honest with myself about who I am, taking responsibility for my emotions, and having meaningful connections with people I want in my life. 

I'm lucky to have navigated the harsh and vicious affects of childhood abuse and come out the other side seemingly whole. I say seemingly because there will always be a part of me that was stolen. 

There are no shortcuts, trust me I’ve tried them all.

There is hard work and on the backside of that is getting your life back.

The Art of Self-Care is a toolbox I created to help people break free from the grip of childhood trauma and become the person they aspire to be.

If I can do it, anyone can.

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Your story can inspire others into action. Sean says that’s the template for changing the world. He has a long track record of transforming obstacles into opportunities.

What began as a personal mission to overcome the memories of childhood sexual abuse grew into a passion that led to a guest appearance on Oprah. Socially informal and outgoing, Sean draws on his unique background and vulnerability to activate our emotions to help us see our own values in action and help us feel what really matters.

A passionate storyteller, Sean’s  mission is to help people step into their dreams, access their strengths, encourage deeper connections and bring new and innovative ideas into the world.

As a mental health advocate, Sean curates weekly support groups across the GTA.He believes there is no hierarchy of trauma and that everyone shares a similar trajectory of healing; he goes on to say we are all travelling along the same curve.  He curates passionate conversations on transforming trauma into triumph and how changing your narrative can change your life.  Sean blends private sector performance management with vulnerable sector collaboration to partner with therapists and peer support agencies to help us unlock the power of our own story and write a future of our choosing.

Work from home
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172 Reviews

The Art of Self-Care

Online video & workbook

$42.99 CAD

Learn how to breakthrough childhood trauma,  release fear, master self-doubt and take back control of your life: 

  • Wellness Toolbox to overcome deep hidden wounds

  • Practical methods to track positive results

  • Re-write your story, change your life

  • Healing is tough, but so worth it

  • Develop a lifestyle that enhances wellness

  • Find relief from anxiety and chronic stres

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